10 Tips for spring cleaning your closet

10 Tips for spring cleaning your closet

It always seems like French women must have the most fabulously, curated closets, with this in mind and Spring in the air we thought that we would share these tips for spring cleaning your closet.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Time

First things first, dedicate a time, write it down in your diary, let people know that you won’t be available or even better get a couple of girlfriends around to help you out.  They’ll make sure that you stick to the date especially if they have a chance at first dibs on any of your items.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Box UP

Before you start, make sure you have some boxes ready for clothes that you want to recycle or donated, bags for items to be altered and dry-cleaned and baskets for the items going back in the closet.  By putting items directly into boxes and bags your committing to the decision you have made for them.  The boxes and bags can go straight into the car ready to be dropped off at their new destinations.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Music

Get yourself a good soundtrack, we know it may sound a bit silly but pumping out some of your favorite tunes can make the job a lot easier.

Now we get down to the nitty-gritty…what to keep and what not to keep?

Spring Cleaning your Closet Damage

If it’s damaged beyond repair or damaged in general and you know that you’re not going to get it repaired (be honest with yourself here) it needs to go. The same if it’s stained or worn out, it has to go – no questions asked!

Spring Cleaning your Closet Fit

If it doesn’t fit – let it go or get it tailored.  That thing of sliming into something is not really a thing anymore.  If you’ve put the effort and hard work into losing weight and getting the body that you want,  you deserve to buy yourself something new.  Now, let’s talk about those shoes!   The ones where you said, ‘they’re just a tiny bit too small,  but I can wear them when I don’t have a lot of walking to do, or they’ll stretch’…No!  Take it as a learning experience and let them go, could you imagine a French woman wearing shoes that are too small?  The same goes for items that are too big if you really like them get them altered, if not let someone who will fit them take them home.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Style

Not your style – as we grew personally so does our style, we all have items that we love, but we know we won’t wear because it’s just not our style anymore.  Ask yourself if you would buy it now if you saw it in a shop? If the answer is no that’s ok, let it go to a new home where it can get the life it deserves.  It also means more room in the closet for items that fit your style at the moment.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Feel Good

You should feel good in your clothes – If you wear an item and you feel uncomfortable, you’re always fiddling with it or a bit self-conscious, let it go.  The chances are you’ll end up never wearing it however much you love it; give that space over to something that makes you feel fabulous.

Now, you have a few tips to help you through the sorting process here’s a couple more to help finish the process.


Give it a clean – Take the opportunity not just to take items to the dry cleaners that you have been putting off, but also to give your closet and drawers a quick clean.  This can be done by vacuuming and dusting the inside, then giving them a wipe over with a non-bleach, non-oil based product, if it has a lavender base all the better. Be sure that the closet and its rail is completely dry before returning your clothes back in.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Recycle

Take items to the recycling, charity/consignment shop or put up for sale often – This way you won’t be tempted to sneak items back into your closet. Also, try to recycle old clothes that cannot be passed on or sold by re-using the fabric for small DIY projects (also nice for those items with emotional value) or cloth for household chores.

Spring Cleaning your Closet Out

Don’t put it back in the closet – Keep a box for the clothes that come under any of the above categories.  Don’t put them back in your closet,  you know at that moment why you don’t like that particular item or what’s wrong with it.   There’s no need to put it back in your closet, you’ll only forget about it until next time and think the same things all over again.  It also helps when it’s time for the next closet spring cleaning or seasonal changeover, it won’t take as long as you have been cleaning out as you’ve gone along.  Just remember to empty the box weekly, every two weeks or monthly, try not to wait for more than that.

We hope these little tips help you with spring cleaning your closet and with the process of achieving your perfect curated closet.


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