3 Easy to do Wind Day Hairstyles

If you’ve had chance to visit Marseille or the surrounding area you may have encountered the infamous Mistral wind.  With the Mistral being in full force at the moment, we decided to take a look at the Parisian runways for hair that would help stay somewhat intact on those windy days.

The Messy Braid

Messy Braid Inspiration


Lanvin’s elegant messy braid was braided just enough so the hair stayed in place with strands left out to line the face.  The perfect style for a quick finger-comb fix so that we don’t look too windswept.

The Unfinished Bun

Unfinished bun Image

Isabel Marant gave us the unfinished bun  pinned tight enough so as not to come loose. This look is dishevelled just enough that any damage done by the wind is easily fixed and looks somewhat purposeful.


The Instant Bob

Instant Bob

The instant bob was all over the Giambattista Valli runway, tuck your hair into the back of your top, coat or scarf and voilà the instant bob.  An instant fix for those days when that Mistral wind unexpectedly picks up and ruins our well-laid hair plans.




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