6 Reasons why we love Bazar Bio

Bazar Bio is an online retailer based in the south of France and this is why we have a little bit of a crush on them.

  • All the fab toxin-free and environment friendly products they carry such as Ren, Yarok and Scotch Naturals Nail Varnish
  • Free delivery within France (always a bonus) and free in Europe on payments over 150€
  • The free samples and the free mini canvas tote that they often put in with your delivery
  • They are based in Nice in the South of France and you can actually go and pick up products if you’re in the area
  • It’s a good place to explore and find out about natural products
  • Not sure about a product you can try a number of samples for 5€

At the moment they still seem to be working on the English version of the site. But, the site itself is designed so that it’s easy to manoeuvre around and find the products that you want straight from the home page…even in French!


Here are out top BB picks:

Bio Love 1

1|Soapwalla, Natural Deodorant  2| Prtty Peaushun, Body Lotion 3|Egyptian Magic Skin Cream 4| Ren, Morrocon Rose Body Oil 5| Alima Pure Mineral Eye Liner  6| Scotch Naturals Nail Polish 7| Yarok, Hair Care Travel Kit  8| Honoré des Prés, Eau de perfume Love Coconut perfume in Travel cup

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