Could this be the most romantic place to spend a Valentine Weekend?

L’Annexe Aubrac is situated in the romantic town of Aubrac a four-hour drive from Marseille and five and half hour drive from Paris. Virginie et Darwin invite you to L’Annexe d’Aubrac after leaving their busy creative city lives to set up this beautiful boutique hotel in the french countryside.  With its eclectic rustic meets Russian inspired charm, what better place to stay cuddled up, go on long country walks and take romantic baths on a lovers weekend.

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Aubrac 1

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See more about L’Annexe d’Aubrac here

L’Annexe d’Aubrac
Place des Fêtes 12470 AUBRAC 

+33(0)6 75 88 41 19 
+33(0)5 65 48 78 84


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