How to shop the Sales like a French Girl

With the French Winter sale season underway what better time to get some sale shopping tips.  Who better to look to than those savvy French women and how they shop the sales.


Think before you spend

How to shop the sales like a french girl - Plan

French women are constantly accessing their wardrobe and think carefully about what’s missing, what’s no longer needed and the perfect item or items to complement it.  With this in mind, sale season is the perfect time to get the best value for money for those pieces that your wardrobe has been shouting out for.

Urban Outfitters Carnet en cuir verni noir • Urban Outfitters • 10 €


Indulge in an Investment Piece

How to shop the sales like a French Girl - InvestOne thing that French women do, is instead of recklessly spending money on a spontaneous sale shopping trip they will take that money and use it on that one or maybe two items that they have lusted over all season.   Maybe it’s a luxury bag, those killer heels or that must-have ankle length coat.  By being focused on what you want you can get the best for your budget.

Saint Laurent sac porté épaule Monogram • Saint Laurent • 833 €

Stock Up

How to shop the sales like a French Girl - Stock upStock up on your basics.  Now, we’re not saying buy 100 white t-shirts, but instead of buying one of your favorite designer, white t-shirt that goes with everything; buy two ready for that time when that fatal red wine accident happens and it’s beyond repair.

Acne Studios T-shirt Behati • Acne Studios • 84 €

Forget Fashion, Buy Style

How to shop the girls like a french girl - buy styleIt’s so easy with the sales to get caught up buying all the latest fashion items that we’ve been seeing all season.  But, do as the French women do and resist the temptation unless it happens to be part of your personal style.  Look for items that ring personal to you and your style and sometimes, that’s where the best bargains lie.

Gerard Darel Pantalon Noir Imprimés Graphiques Carambole • Gerard Darel • 92,50 €

In and Out

How to shop the sales like a French Girl - In and OutNow really, can you imagine the ultra chic French women rummaging through the discount bin…no neither can we!  By being focused and doing a bit of research and sometimes befriending the sales staff at your favorite store allows you to be in and out or delivered to your door without the hot sweating, pushing, shoving and frayed tempers of sale time.

Saint Laurent Bottines En Daim Curtis 80 Harness • Saint Laurent • 556 €
Photos via Pinterest | Collage Vintage | Margeaux Motin

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