Who’s that Girl: Cécile Cassel

Meet Cécile Cassel, Singer, actress and general cool french chick. Here’s our quick fun facts on Cécile.


  • You might remember her as the daughter of Sex and the City’s Carries love interest Aleksandr Petrovsky’s daughter Cholé, who Carrie meet when she arrived in Paris.
  • She is the half-sister of actor Vincent Cassel, which also made her the sister-in-law of the equally beautiful Monica Bellucci
  • Her other half-brother Mathias aka Rockin’ Squat is front man of French Hip Hop group Assassin
  • She loves to dance which she properly gets from her dad tap dancer and actor Jean-Pierre Cassel
  • Her band HollySiz makes songs that will get you releasing your inner Rock Chick and you can see why here and here

And now lets take a few moments to appreciate why Cécile’s has us going crazy for red here at BFT HQ.

cecile-cassel_garance-dore_main_1-770x514 concert-cecile-cassel-alias-645f-diaporama-1 tumblr_n9hglsmEFu1qztw4do1_500 Laura-Bailey-blog-3-Vogue-13Mar14-pr_ cecile-cassel_garance-dore_3 tumblr_inline_n8150mq5nq1rdc21y

Photo Credits: Vogue, Garance DoréZooBeetle, Tumblr

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